Yahye Mohamed


Yahye is a freelance journalist, columnist, activist and the founder of SOM-ACT. 

A social worker by profession, he also holds higher diplomas in Media and Communication, Social Development and Law. In 2016, he became the Chairman of the Voice of Social Workers (VSWM), a magazine published by students at the University of Hargeisa, Somaliland. 

He reports and makes media programs on various social issues in Somaliland and recently produced articles on the drought in the Horn of Africa. 

He also holds a number of positions in governmental organizations, LNGO’s and INGO’s: Executive Director, Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA); Media and Communications Consultant,  Y-far Africa; Advocacy Officer, Legal Aid Department, UNHCR; Media and Communications Officer, Ministry of Interior; Committee Member, Journalist Protection (CPJ), Canada; Committee Member, Professional Social Workers Association (PSWA), Somaliland.


Mohamed Rashid


Mohamed is a leading social activist and columnist in Somaliland. He is a Project Officer at Actionaid-SOWDA. He is a sustainable development practitioner who studies the effects of public policies and programs related to public health, early childhood, and poverty reduction in Somaliland. Since 2016 he has co-edited the Voice of Social Workers Magazine (VSWM) - a magazine from Hargeisa School of Social work, University of Hargeisa. He is a member of Network of Social Work Management (NSWM) in Los Angeles, USA and Professional Social Workers Association (PSWA) in Somaliland. He has also volunteered SOS Children’s Village working as Social Worker in Family Strengthening Programme (FSP).

Ayaan Axmed Candid 'KAABA'


Ayaan, nicknamed ‘KAABA’ (helper in Somali), is an prominent poet, journalist and writer in Somaliland. She is well-known for her activism for the empowerment of women and her coverage of gender issues, inequalities and social development.

Ayaan is passionate about telling the stories of vulnerable groups in Somali society, from street children to mothers in need, through filmmaking (documentaries, TV programs). Her work is regularly broadcasted on Somali TV, and weekly on Somnews TV, an international and prominent Somali TV station based in Hargeisa. 

However, Ayaan is not just a journalist but also a writer on social issues. Her famous book ‘Kaabaha Ardayha’ (Student Guide for Better Education in Somali) discusses how best to support children to get a better education. 

Most importantly, Ayaan is a creative poet which, is one of the most effective communication channels among Somali society.